Realncy is your ticket to investing in real estate development projects.

Have you wanted access to another market outside the institutional markets?

Realncy has now opened that door for you.

Do you have money you would like to invest with, beyond the market you have had the access to?

With the diverse list of future builds around the country

Realncy has developed a platform that is simple and secure for consumer investments.

We aim to simplify the investment process for accredited investors who want to put their capital into real estate projects, eliminating the hassle of traditional approaches.

You don’t have to get discouraged when dealing with realtors, buyers, sellers, or lawyers - Realncy has you covered.

Realncy uses newfound technology

That makes Real Estate Investing accessible with just a few Steps!

  • Innovation idea planning & generation

  • Better customer support

Why is Realncy the Perfect Investment Outlet?

It’s Your Industry “In”!

The why?

Real estate has been consistently ranked among the top-performing investment vehicles throughout history.

Through Realncy, we have found the connection to a tangible asset (real estate) to bring confidence to investors. The ability to physically see and touch the asset provides a sense of security.

Choose where to invest

Unlike private equity funds or REITs where investors blindly invest into pools, Realncy investors select the property offering in which to invest. In doing so, curating their own personalized portfolio.

Instead of remote investment funds focused solely on generating short-term returns, individual investors can decide which projects to fund, ultimately creating the ability to transform your city.

Build your city