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188 Cannon Street

Investing in 188 Cannon Street – presents an opportunity to Invest in a vacant land development for a 32-storey condominium building in Hamilton, Ontario, based on the investment principles of:

Developer Dedication: The project is spearheaded by Vantage Developments, which has a track record of building 20 mid and high-rise residential buildings in Ontario. Their commitment is evident through personal capital invested, signifying confidence in the project’s success and alignment with investors’ interests.

Attractive Returns: With an impressive Internal Rate of Return (IRR) at 25%, this opportunity offers the potential for significant financial gains over the six-year term of the investment. $50,000 Min.

Strategic Location: Situated in downtown Hamilton, the property enjoys the advantages of a prime location. Hamilton’s growth potential and the property’s quality positioning provide a promising outlook for the investment’s value appreciation.

Sophisticated Investor Environment: Investing in 188 Cannon Street places you alongside sophisticated investors who have already deployed $6.5M of the initial $10M raise, fostering a collaborative and conducive investment environment and signaling the opportunity’s attractiveness.

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